Recent times have seen a surge in the number and variety of people getting engaged in trading in financial markets. The investors cover a wide spectrum, ranging from novice beginners to highly experienced veterans, all looking to gain a competitive edge over the other players and make profit. This has led to rise in demand for an automated system that will enable these investors to achieve their profit goals in a very timely, efficient and effective manner. The MetaTrader 4 automated trading system is one such application that has gained momentum in the trading world due to its versatile options that aid controlling and customizing online trading.

Key Features:

The MetaTrader 4 has certain unique aspects that have armed it to provide specific benefits to its users.

1. The forex charting program is especially designed for automated, online trading. This is a huge aspect, as the automation enables users to customize their systems so as to make or place orders automatically.

2. The level of automation is extremely high and helps to make the process easier and more convenient to control and supervise. Further, the automation has the potential to customize and script the trading settings, which is extremely beneficial to both the intermediate and experienced traders.

3. It has a vast expanse of technical indicators and features easy accessibility. With such key qualities at its disposal, the program is very helpful to beginners as they find the program as well as trading very simple and easy to absorb and grasp.

4. The various technical indicators and analyzing tools provide a means for tactical and strategic analysis of trends in the market and other technical data. This versatility of options makes it a premier choice for intermediate and advanced players in the market.


Irrespective of the numerous advantages and attractive features mentioned above, the MetaTrader 4 also has some drawbacks which will have to be rectified to further help it retain its position in the market.

1. The biggest fall back is that the MetaTrader 4 program does have the option of automated back-testing. The presence of this feature will help investors apply a particular strategy to past periods in order to determine the feasibility and profitability of the strategy being used. This is definitely a back lag for intermediate and advanced professionals who usually use various tactical strategies to make profit.

2. There have also been some concerns about the use of graphs and manipulation of specific aspects such as the trend lines and Fibonacci series. The users, especially beginners are of the opinion that could be more user-friendly than what it is now.

3. Another lag is that the support system on the MetaTrader 4 seems to be inadequate for certain users. The customer service and support can be improved and controlled in a better manner in order to provide easier and faster solutions, especially to the inexperienced beginners.

Quick Take:

In spite of the weak points, the advantages offered from MetaTrader 4 enable it to win out most users. The easy to use interface system, built-in indicators and the flexible features, all enable the individual investors as well as institutions to gain an advantage and make profit in the forex trading market.

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