Foodspotting App is an interesting Android app has a new way to share your favorite dishes. Unlike many other restaurant review websites, the app ameliorates and emphasis on images with short description.

Foodspotting App

How Foodspotting App Works?

In case if you are confused and trying to decide what to eat, well the global users can try this Foodspotting App which offers you the visual cues to locate what you are craving.

It is also possible that you could select dish images based on three important category filters; nearest, latest, and best. You can also simply slide through the roll of images until you view something you desire.

It is possible that you can toggle between image and map mode with the icon in the top right of the screen. If you are in map mode, you can adjust the map window and re-scan for foods in the current area. It has a handy savor, especially if you know where you will be when lunch/dinner time comes around.

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If global users want to discover new restaurant or want to share your favorite dish with the world, you can always use the photo upload option. It is possible that you can select the restaurant, the type of food, and any comments you would like to add along with your picture. More over, you can select to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, or Flickr.

Among several other savors you can also find what you want to eat with pictures rather than text reviews; it has elegant interface and most effective savor of adjusting the map area with scan for new restaurant locations.

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