Thinking studies and other responsibilities have taken your hobby and talent? Do you feel and want to somehow bring back the time and make your talent count well? If this is the need and your inner gifted talent should definitely get a platform then it is time to have WE ROCKSTAR: the new social media installed in your phone!

Features of We Rockstar: an app that has it all!

  • It is not costing anything: The app is the best place to record your Hidden talent and did we mention that it is definitely free and requires no good penny to be spent on! But in return definitely, it will help you become viral and achieve your celebrity feels!
  • Use the power to say it loud: The power is now in your hands with this App. Ranging from taking things on the internet to have the best captions describe them well. Have the best of your time in making an impact on the internet and get your say announced.
  • One app integrating many other social handles: Just do not limit yourself but get the buzzing on for many people by sharing your content. It is not simply about your content but also about the informative and helpful kinds of stuff found on this platform. On whichever platform you want to share, have the ease with this inbuilt app!
  • Why limit this to some age: The app is a sure thing to help you record the funny and most interesting moment of your children and even of your friend. This one helps to record the memories forever and hence get the best treasures saved with you!

How to get on recording some brilliant stuff?

Hang in there with your phone and set some amazing grooves or the deep information to be shared with your group.

Get on the main feed screen and on the panel below click on the button entitled, “Upload” and give the necessary permissions!

Get the pre-saved video from your gallery to be shown on this app by selecting one from the many! Or if you want to have the fresh recording to be done or the currently happening, moment to be shared then clock on the camera and enter the recording mode!

Made a mistake in recording? No problem,  just cancel it off, with a single click on the “x” or upload it all is set right with the help of “Tick” symbol!

And there you go! Ready to share your content or concern with the rest of the world and become one of Rising stars?

Last words:

We Rockstar is a mind relieving app made specifically to enjoy, live record and post. The main motto is to enable people to take out their inner talent and leave the hesitation behind. The idea of receiving likes and comments has introduced an idea of appreciation and helping others strive in this neck to neck competition world. 

Summary: We Rockstar is the ultimate place to have the numerous memorable events captured well and boom up your vision. No matter whether it is about you alone or along with your friends!

Features: 4

Connectivity: 5

User Interface: 5

Usability: 4.7

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