We all might have come across a situation where we need to get a glimpse of some remote location but we can’t go there in person either to view or take a picture of it. How would it be if you have someone to help you in taking pictures of that distant spot? It would be nice. Isn’t it? One app that facilitates individuals to use mobile cameras all over the world and lend yours in return is this CamerLender.

CamerLender android app belongs to the photography category and helps you see remote places even when you don’t have the possibility to be there in person. This app functions as a mobile camera crowd lending service and helps you to legally make use of others’ cameras.

Many situations arise like when we want to visit our home or car when we are away from it, visit rare places like mountains or attend special events and get to know about a travel destination or a real estate property before even visiting it. When it gets difficult to visit some places but you want to get a glimpse of it, this CamerLender comes in handy.

The app works as you create a task, so you are the owner of the task who can request for some photo or video at the desired place, conditions and time. In order for others to process your request, you can motivate them by giving rewards by means of tokens, or through other services via Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum or pay money through PayPal. The app gives you virtual tokens when you register and you must login using your Google, Twitter or  Facebook account.

As the task is created, someone who wishes to lend their camera for you, accepts your task. In which case, he becomes the worker of the task. To make someone on this crowd network spend their time and interest for this work, they need some motivation and hence CamerLender can’t be a freeware. When a worker accepts the task, he/she will have to go to the desired location at a desired time and lock the task. In which case, the time limit is set to a period of 15 minutes, to capture and upload the media to the server.

If the owner of the task is not satisfied with this, he may reject and delete it and the task remains open for someone else to take it up. When you are satisfied with the media, it can be accepted and saved. The more the people join this service, the more they will be able to get served by others. Instead of browsing through the existing photos online, this app gives you a chance to have a photo of your desired location at your time and conditions of preference. This means that the photo or video is exclusively made up for you. I am sure, if you start using it, you will definitely want to be a part of this crowd- sourcing team. In order to promote this crowd- sourcing network, CamerLender gives many free tokens to users to motivate them. Well, Go on, be the first to register and earn tokens for free!

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