Make your leisure time more fun and educative! Spanish Smash is a Spanish vocabulary training game from Google play which used to be familiar to us as the Android Market. Google has now brought all its products under one umbrella and the Spanish Smash proves to be an interesting learning application. The concept lies in integrating education with the playfulness and thrill of gaming excitement. Students of all ages, professionals, and vacationers find this application to be a very valuable tool to start off their learning and also improve their vocabulary. The application combines “we-can’t-get-enough-of-it music”, novel artwork, and addictive gaming mechanics to make learning the language fun, fast, and effective.

The Spanish Smash application enables you to learn Spanish text and pronunciation in a fast and simple manner. As a native Spanish speaker speaks it, the understanding of the language doesn’t take much time. You can learn more than 240 words. Not only this, there are many more exciting things to expect from the application in the near future as the company is looking to release more new features and variations.

You can learn the language easily in a manner that would be similar to the way you learnt your first language. It may seem too much to ask for, but it has been made possible with this application as it involves no translation. The application has Spanish text and sounds grouped under 10 different language packs such as, animals, vegetables, fruits, numbers 1-10, colors, clothing, stationery, around the home, and communications. The upcoming version is supposed to have meat, seafood, food essentials, beverages, body parts, sports, vehicles, travel, numbers 10-20 and from 10-100, and technology too.

The full version comes with 20 language packs. What sounds beneficial is that, as the current version limits itself to 10 language packs you can buy it at half the price. Secondly, you will also receive a free upgrade to the additional 10 packs, as and when it is made available.

The Spanish Smash application is a cool game play, wherein you will have to beat all the levels in each stage for the given pack. The application has 3 stages and 41 levels that keep track of the degree of your progress. The levels get tougher as you play advanced levels to guarantee your excellence in that particular set of words.

The founders of the application, The Native Tongue Team have succeeded in effectively combining learning and play into one good appealing package. The application has had a very good response and acceptance among the people. Many schools are now considering including this application activity as part of the curriculum. Spanish Smash is perfect for beginners and intermediates. You can also refresh your Spanish vocabulary skills, if you have learnt the language earlier and not been using it for a long time. This is an extremely useful and a must have application for travelers who will find the need to use the language in many situations.

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