Facebook and Whatsapp social messaging apps are the princesses without the crown in the contemporary digital world. People use both of these social networking apps all day long and do plenty of activities such as text messages, chat conversations, audio and video calls, shared media and send and receive voice messages. When it comes to young teens, without the shadow of the doubt they are one of the most frequent users of both of the instant messaging apps and they use it plenty of times in single day. One thing that every parent need to know about the Whatsapp and Facebook social media app is it runs with both good and the bad ones. I mean people that are using these two social media apps are good and bad. Therefore, these two platforms have plenty of dangers for young kids and teens and there are quite possible chances that they may encounter with them at any time.

Facebook Stats

  • FB has more than 400 million active users, according to the survey of 2016
  • Almost 700000 users make their account on FB on the regular basis
  • People accept 46% friend requests from the strangers
  • 93% of FB accounts are lacking in the privacy settings

Whatsapp stats

  • Almost 630 million people have their accounts
  • 100 million messages sent or received every day
  • 50% of social media messages sent or received through the messenger

Whatsapp and FB Dangers for teens

Young kids and teens are under constant threat because over the years these two platforms have become an epicenter of online predators. Let’s discuss the cyber predator that can harm young kids and teen on FB and Whatsapp.

Presence Of Cyber Bullies

Online bullies are present on both of the social media apps in large numbers that can approach teens and humiliate with sexual and abusive language. However, they can make harm teens with their worlds by pointing out negative about their personality. The cyber bullies are the people that do things against teens for just sake of fun. Moreover, the after-effects of online bullying and real-life bullying are the same. Over the years, numbers of kids and teens have committed suicide after the interaction with the bullies online via FB and Whatsapp.What to do when Your Child is a Bully

Stalkers are active

They only have one aim, to track teens on Facebook and on Whatsapp and have a friendly term with them. Once they have it, they will go for next step to show their love and affection by making romantic comments and use lovely phrases to trap young teens. Once they have done it, then they move towards the final step is to meet them in real life to make them a victim of their sexual lust and then move towards the next target.

Sexual Predators

They trap teens online on social media apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp to sexually abuse them. They are perfect liars that pretend to be a young and handsome guy and want to have relationships with young teens. On the other hand, teens are at the early stages of their adultery got trapped and often rapped in a first meeting.

Carnal content

The adult videos and photos are quite in large numbers on both of the social messaging platforms. There is the number of reasons that teens may encounter with them. It is possible someone has sent the carnal content teens on the platform and there are plenty of other reasons that they become addicted to the pornographic content such as by their adult friends and shared media files.

Health issues

The excessive use of FB and Whatsapp instant messengers are very dangers for teens in terms of health issues. They may get depression and anxiety due to lack of sleep and also got psychological disorders at the same time. Young teens usually got health issues because of lacking with the physical activity.

How parents can protect teens

It is very simple these days, parents can install the Mobile Spy app on teen’s phone and then they can track all the IM’s on their smartphone remotely. They can use IM’s social media of the WhatsApp Spy and can view IM’s logs, text conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos, audio and video calls and voice messages.


Protect your teens from all the ultimate dangers of Facebook and Whatsapp by using the cell phone tracking software on your teen’s cell phone device. Get started with it and put your worries to rest.


Ailsa Bronwen is a writer, Journalist Social media activist & Freelancer Technology Writer. Currently she is affiliated with Techonosoft. To know more about her, follow her on Twitter @ailsabronwen40.