Thumb up provides great comparison of your Android vs. another Android phone. Whether you have different phone companies, system settings, Android versions or none of these, Thumb Up provides only accurate information on your system settings as well as your mobile settings. The phone that shows better stats will be compared to another one via phone bumping. Want to prove to your friend once and for all that your phone is better? Use Thumb up and you will know much faster than looking up the information. One of the great things about Thumb up is that the information is shown instantly, allowing you to bump phones, anytime, anywhere.

So how do you check out your stats? First, you have to download it from the App Market on both phones that need to be compared. Second, you must log into your Facebook account or make a regular one at Thumb Up. The sign-up process is quick and effortless, which makes it a great application. Then, you have to click on “Start a Phone Fight” and each person has to hold the phone and bump them with their hands. Do not bump your phone against your friend’s phone if you do not have a decent cover for them, as they may scratch with so much bumping. Want to compare phones at the store? Just download this program on both of them and start bumping, even if you get skeptical glares from the sellers. Labels on the store can be misleading and incomplete and sellers can tell you only what you want to hear, so it’s best that you use Thumb Up for these purposes.

So what exactly does Thumb Up provide when you compare phones? When you bump the phones, information on CPU, Android OS version, Storage, Media and other features will show up instantly. If you want to see if your phone better than your friend’s phone, a thumbs up or thumbs down will appear on your screen; it all depends on the status of each category stated above. Not only does Thumb Up provide a comparison of system settings instantly, it also contains other features that put many of your apps together as one. Thumb up provides mobile info which provides features, hardware and even system information. The network traffic monitor tracks usage of 2G or 3G on your phone and you can set the limit so that it automatically notifies you once you are reaching your monthly limit, if you have one. You can track the usage monthly, weekly or daily and it supports most Android devices.

The Advanced task manager or task killer allows you to close apps that you aren’t using and that slow your phone down. Thumb up will release more features as downloads keep coming, so make sure to tell your friends about it. It also saves you battery life as well as memory usage, so make sure to download Thumb Up on the Android marketplace. This application is free and it basically makes your life simple by putting three apps into one. It is also useful to compare phones with your friends, family or clients in an interactive and easy to use way. If there was anything that we could say to make this app better, it would be compatibility with all Android devices. Apart from that, this app is useful and a must-have for phone enthusiasts as well as people who do not know much about phones.

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