Everybody would like to eat delicious food and love to taste different recipes from various regions of the world. It can not be afforded by everyone to take a world tour to taste different country food which is really pity thing. Yeah ! A simple way to make Indian traditional food is to having an application(guide) for it.

Are you really crazy about Indian foods? Would like to prepare it on your home by yourself? Then you don’t need to go to India to learn such yummy food preparation. Hill Stone Animation Studios, a popular India based game development company has released a new android application called, “101 Recipes Indian foods”. It will help you to learn more about Indian food and easy to have it in your hand and anytime.

Application name itself tells us that it contains 101 delicious Indian recipes preparation guide. You can get varieties of dishes from vegetarian, non-vegetarian and even soup items. App has step by step easy procedures to make a tasty Indian recipe. In between, you can get extra tips which will make your dish even more good. You can follow that kind of general tips in any of your food preparation.

They are providing this food application in three different formats, it will available in general Indian foods, Specific app for preparing south Indian food, app for preparing North Indian food. India’s different region people is following various food culture, everything is good and something new. North Indian food items are more hot and spicy. South Indian food items are good for health, basically they add more medicinal ingredients like ginger, pepper and more.

If you will have all these apps on your android app, you can make and taste nearly 80% of all Indian foods. Just enjoy Indian food as well as know their food culture.

101 Indian Food Recipe Android App – Download

101 South Indian Food Recipe Android App – Download

101 North Indian Food Recipe Android App – Download