PopFaces is one of the top Android apps that wholly give you the power of facial recognition right in your hands to get respective details about great celebrities instantly. It is the only app in the global market that absolutely uses real identification technology in real-time.

To begin, all you need to do is download the app first, and then browse the list of popular people from the categories given. Primarily once you find the celebrity of your interest, you can click on the name and read the details in a fraction of seconds. This reputed app permits you to develop your own profile so that you can showcase your talent to the world.

Important features of this one of the top free apps for Android:

  • The app considerably saves a lot of time for users by offering information on celebrities instantly
  • The app completely ensures data security
  • The users can enjoy the element of a game challenge using this one of the top apps for iPhone
  • This app will keep you engaged and interested
  • Users can even add your own profile for self-promotion
  • Importantly by switching to a selfie camera, you can see what celebrity you look alike

What You Can Do With PopFaces

It is instructed that never be left guessing who you’re watching on TV, online, while reading about in a magazine or view on a street poster or banner. The PopFaces app permits you to instantly recognize a popular person’s face and will give you details about them as well as links to their profiles and more. All of this work done over a long distance: up to 10 meters/ 33 feet away. Amazingly there is no other application can do that. You can also switch to selfie camera and see who you look alike.