While people consider themselves finding new chat apps, one of favorite app to use would be NuWay – A NuWay to chat. There’s nothing quite like being able to relax and chat. Though people have gone through most of the chat apps on the Play Store by now, I can’t help but keep my eyes looking for new ones that hit the market. And Nu Way – A Nu Way to chat developed by Sark Mobile Solutions is definitely one of my new favorites.

With this chat app one could keep their number private. You can also chat by sharing just your Nu Way ID, not your phone number. You could also share and converse with the whole world, safely. There is also Recall Ping feature where one could type the right ping. Now you have a better chance to recall it. Long-press the ping, press the Recall icon. If Recall is successful, you would see a looped arrow next to the ping. In order to check the status of recall from a group chat, just touch that message and you could see the recall status from each person.

With this Nu Way – A Nu Way to chat app you could get Routes – know When to start. You could know the estimated travel time in traffic by choosing the start and destination. It would show you the 2 or 3 alternative routes, distance and estimated time in traffic. The quality part is that you could change the time to know how travel time changes, easily find out when it is least.

How to use

  • If you want to use a route, touch it to open that route in Google Maps
  • Save a route if you want to retrieve it with one touch again

By using this NuWay – A NuWay to chat app you can share your location. So thereby share your location with a friend or a group, who can then see your position and movement till you turn it off. This features makes it simpler to assist your friends meet you if you are outside and not popular with the area.

You could mark a ping as important, which would then give out a distinct ringtone to the recipient and bring attention that a phone Contact has sent an important ping. You can also a forward a message, show who did the original posting.

What you can do if a Forward for assistance you just received was a Spam from someone unknown or a genuine request ? By this Forward feature, the Nu Way ID of the user who did the original posting is retained. Moreover less likely for someone to start a Spam when they know their ID is displayed.

If you want to remind a friend or your group on something tomorrow then just send a reminder. It would ring an alarm at the date and time you set. Don’t have to worry if you would remember to remind on time and if the other person will have network.

With this app you can develop a poll within a group and take group’s vote easily. Also there is no more back and forth conversations, that leaves everyone wondering what the group’s choice was. In addition you can convert a 2-way call into a 3-way conference

Anyone in a group can spontaneously start a conference. Everyone on the group, who is online, would get a call and on answering the call, also would get added to the conference. It is so convenient to do a conference, specifically at short notice.

It is also possible to recharge/pay any prepaid/postpaid mobile, DTH or Electricity service easy and fast with our app. For a prepaid number, users can even recharge for multiple plans in a single transaction or repeat a past transaction with just a couple of clicks. It is enumerated that this feature wholly supports payment using UPI, Debit card, Credit card and net banking.

Apart from several aspects if users like to send a ping or attachment to multiple people, they don’t have to copy and send to each separately. You can just start a new ping, type the message or choose the attachment, press Send and select the recipients.

The users can keep their privacy settings and notifications different for your Phone contacts from others with who you might chat for any reason. So if users get that tone or see the LED flashing, you know it is someone who is a contact from your Phone book.

With this chat app you can express yourself and it is rendezvous. It is also famous for Group chat and Messaging app. They also have special group messaging and hidden chat. ” Moreover the people can be “rendezvous” using their share location using map.You can also come across Opinion Poll and share image features.

If people require to have a one-time conversation with someone you just met, all you require to do is to share your Nu Way ID, your acquaintance could easily find you using that ID and chat. Finally for the acumen developer’s successful release on the Play Store, I trust that they did a splendid job with Nu Way – A Nu Way to chat.