Apple-ing Away all the Way

Without a doubt, people who own apple products just admire them. Apple products seem to give everything of both the worlds – Applications and Gadgets. iPhone is a wonder gadget in itself and loved by web designers too. There are around more than 10,000 applications created for iPhone and approved by Apple. Apple recently hit the millstone of 15 billion downloads of applications. Apple has apps for everyone in every section – may it be Social Media, Business, Games, Lifestyle, Music, News, Design, Research and many more. A Web designer would be super curious to know what are the applications that iPhone has in its store and what could be used to stay ahead in the niche of Web designing. There are “n” numbers of such applications. The web designer may choose those applications that could be put to use after knowing what each app has to offer and the nature of their work.

Apps for Web Designers at a High Five!

1. Typography Manual – It’s a collection of what typography could ever teach. It’s a 60 page book and it talks about typography on the web, its history, basics of texts, setting of special characters and texts on the web, graphic designs and other graphic oriented topics. It is useful as a bible for web designing.

2. What the Font – Ever wondered what font this is while reading on a webpage. Then what the font is for you. Though there is a keen eye as far as a web designer is concerned, it can be tough to recognize fonts when there are hundreds of it. What the font recognizes almost 650 various fonts from the internet or photos. All that needs to be done is click on what the font and use it on the highlighted text. It will show you the font name and also allow its future usage. Wanting to know a font from a hardcopy book, just take a picture, flow it through the software and the font will be revealed.

3. Sketches – This iPhone app is surely more than useful for a web designer. It is innovative and acts like one’s own drawing pad. Sketch whatever comes into your mind and use colours to shade it up. Mail these sketches to whoever you want. Sketches also provide clipboards, backgrounds and various colours for the optimum use.

 4. Nomina – Nomina is a useful tool especially for trademark search. It helps the web designer figure out which domains are available and which are the existing trademarks with similar names. It also shows if there are hits on Google for a particular website name, and much much more.

5. Developer’s tool Kit – This is a truly amazing application offered by iPhone. Developer’s tool kit provides the web designer with a fully categorized ANSI UTF-8 Character set. It provides over more than ten thousand characters with official names and images. This tool kit also helps you with numerous ways these characters can be displayed in the code files.

All in all, a Web Designer with an iPhone and an enthusiasm to use the apps is surely going to feel blessed.

Author Bio: Sathishkumar Varatharajan is an Internet Marketer and Full-Time Blogger from India. Right now he works for Pixlo, a free Virtual Tour services company and Nethosting, a Dedicated Hosting Company.