Strategy games are fun to play and when you beat someone through your strategy and on the spot thinking, the pleasure you get is remarkable. That is what makes Infection special. This is an app available on play store and can challenge your skill of thinking to a great level. You can play with the computer in the two player game and your challenge would be to beat it and acquire as many slots as possible at the end of the play. Infection, presented by Alexey Kripkov has a unique game play which is not similar to the general games available in the play store.


Infection has got its name from its strategy. Here, the color balls are given the look of virus and just like infection spreads from one to another, the colors of the balls are infectious. Two color balls are visible on the screen, green and blue. The green ball can multiply itself and when it reaches to the region of the other color, it makes the surrounding green. The same rule is applicable for the blue balls and if you are green, your aim will be to acquire as many slots as possible. This is the simple rule of the game but it is not quite easy to achieve. There are numerous rules which will help you combat your enemy and they will be displayed once you start playing the game.


  • The game is played on a 6X6 box with two players having different colored balls.
  • The game is a turn based one where each player is given only one move at a time. He can either multiply his ball by placing the ball to the next spot or can shift to a far direction to capture the territory of the other player.
  • The game starts with two pieces of balls for each player and the player who has the highest pieces of square filled wins the game.
  • There shall be link between the initial and resulting position in order to move the ball.
  • It is not possible to skip a turn in the game.
  • Even if all boxes are not filled up, the game can end. It is possible when one player removes all balls of the opponent from the board by infecting them.
  • Both the opponent can move to adjacent destination either horizontally or vertically or diagonally.
  • In some levels there would be blockage and your journey will be around these blocked spaces.
  • There are certain levels where you can only proceed if you beat computer in harder levels.
  • The game is available for free and it requires android 2.1 or later.
  • The version 0.0.5 of the game takes around 11MB space on your device.


Summary: Infection is a puzzle game where you will have to use your power to think ahead of your opponent and be ready for the next move. The game is actually infectious as you will not be able to leave it until you complete the level.

Good: The game play is cool and the rules are quite easy to understand.

Bad: There is nothing bad reported about the game.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App