Happin is the new way to create meaningful friendships through common experience. Happin allows you to discover events in your area, connect with other attendees and (hopefully) create friendships that last way after the event has finished. That is the mission, to help people meet and, have fun and stay connected.

Whether you love e-sports, theater, festivals, or parties, you’ll be able to find a ton of different events in your area – or create one yourself.

If you’ve already got a group of friends on the app, you can create a ‘squad’ which is basically a virtual hangout for you and your squad to plan upcoming events and hang.

Once you’ve registered to attend an event, you’ll be able to Tinder-swipe through the list of attendees to start connecting with people who are going. To give you control and security, there are filters you can choose from to ensure only certain attendees are visible to you, and you are only visible to certain people. There are also tags you can use to clearly state the kind of connection you’re looking for such as ‘friends only’. It’s simple and helps to avoid any misunderstandings.

You’ll also be able to join event-specific group chats and join in the buzz and hype before an event. Group chats stay live for 48 hours after an event has finished so you can talk about your experiences and make connections you may have missed the first time.

Events are more than the event itself. The buzz before and the story-swapping afterwards, it’s all part of the experience. Happin brings that experience into one, safe and fun place.

Download on the App Store, Google Play or visit https://happin.app for more information