Pangea Quest is a simple and addictive game of adventurous genre. The theme of this game is similar to that of popular game Mario/Super Mario but Pangea quest has its unique identity with its various game maps and new set of levels. The two dimensional graphics makes the game unique and makes it stand out among other similar games. The best part about this game is, it doesn’t have any annoying advertisements. Pangea Quest is free to download for iPhone, iPod & iPad. It works great with the iDevices which has iOS 6 or later. This game is specifically optimized for iPhone 5, 5s & 5C screen size.


The game theme is simple, all you have to do is make the hero achieve his target by collecting apples, collecting gold coins, killing some weird creatures, etc. The theme might look simple but you have to think well to collect hidden gold. Each level has a boss creature with whom your hero have to fight and succeed to bypass to the next level. You have several secret levels to unlock with in the game. If you lost all your lives in the game you will be provided with an option to continue the level by trading with the apples you have collected. If you don’t have enough apples, you can purchase apples by spending few dollars. You can configure three different profiles to play this game.


Button controls of this game are very straight forward, two buttons to move the hero forward & backward, other button to Jump and one more button to fight. You have to use your moves wisely to save our hero from several hassles. If you wish to make a high jump to climb to a place which is out of reach of hero then just jump on top of an animal which will make hero to do a high jump, but make sure you are jumping on top of any animal which doesn’t have spikes otherwise you will end up losing a life. Most of the gold is hidden in one such place which is out of reach for hero. Sometimes gold is hidden inside sea, our hero has to swim in the sea and collect the gold but you may be attacked by ferocious fishes. The controls are same for both swimming and walking, use the jump button to swim upwards.


This game has a settings menu on the top right corner, where you have options to select a language out of 5 available languages, Portuguese, Spanish, British English, Italian and French. These languages are beautifully depicted with their country flags. Other than the language selection, you have option to adjust the music volume and sound effects volume. This game is integrated with iPhone’s Game Center application where you can collect points for the games you are playing. Credits to the developers have been given wonderfully using cute animations. This game is not restricted to a specific age group, anyone who loves adventurous games can play this one. It’s a very addictive game. Once you start it, you will keep on moving to higher challenging levels. Currently you have 40 levels to unlock several adventures. The developers of the game mentioned that more levels are coming soon, so why wait just hop on and make your hero achieve his targets.

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Apps400 Rating :  4/5