Do you know what Bestiary is? The word is not pronounced very often but describes a major part of our history. It is believed that in ancient times, Dragons were residents of the planet Earth along with the Human race. Initially, they frightened people but soon became friends with us. Bestiary is actually a collection of these friendly monsters describing them and containing a large amount of related knowledge. But we are not here for some study session. What we are going to take you through will be one of the most adventurous and unexpected journey to the beginning of life. Let’s begin!

Bestiary is an Android app that has been released in context to the actual Bestiary which is a compendium of beasts. Though it is only a wallpaper app, it is one of the most unique and brilliantly designed apps we have come across. And let me correct it; it’s a ‘live’ wallpaper app i.e. creatures are seen lively performing on the stage of your home screen. What are the creatures? Well, you can guess it!

The app opens to live wallpaper preview. In actual, there are two modes: view and live. In the view mode, you can only view the wallpapers but not set them. As soon as you launch it, it heads to many more different sections such as online Bestiary, contents, favorites, etc. In the Contents section all the creatures can be seen performing their parts. You can see all of them including hydros, aegaeon, bharon, chalcon, megalsius, etc. which may be around 50 in total by swiping the touch screen. You can also customize each of those dragons with the help of settings and the customization tools are very advanced. There are 3 tools in total; movement, color and size. While size and color are already understood, movement defines the pattern in which the dragon is flying. You can also change that and bring out a whole new show every time.

The app comes as free in the Play Store. However, there are many dragons which are only available for a price or for some, settings are unlocked. So, if you want to enjoy the full version, you can buy it from the buy section. However, there is a popularity stunt being introduced by the developer that is really countable and smart as well. If you write a review for the App and publish it, you can unlock any one of your favorite creature for free and it will be available for all the users as a gift for free. You can find these unlocked creatures in the Online Bestiary section. Also, you can mark your favorite creatures for quick search in the favorites section.

The interface of the app is very lively and colorful. With full customization, it is like a gifted app for every user. There are also two more live wallpapers including fish and magical clock tower (trial). There are some down points for the app as well. Many of the creatures look similar in design. Only a minor change in color or shape is there. Also, presets are there for instant changes to the colors and patterns but they are also very repetitive.

We really liked the app and with so much available in the free version, you can’t ask for more!

Pros:  unique, colorful, many different creatures, customizable features, gifts, free.

Cons: some repetitive creatures.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here