HedgePult is a game revolving around the adorable hedgehog that was introduced into gaming by Sonic. The main character is a blue hedgehog as in the popular game Sonic. But they differ in all aspects besides the animal used in them. This iOS app has its own charm and will challenge you to a great extent. A fun puzzle game, it is centered around the Hedge and the Pult, as is suggested by its name. You have to launch hedgehogs to collect apples using the catapult.


With each new level, there are newer challenges set forth for you. You begin with one or two hedgehogs to launch into the air. To increase your score, you have to gather honeybees and apples. The level continues until you finish gathering all of the goods. Although this can sound tiring, it is an insane amount of fun to play.

There are other things the game allows you to do as well. Cling to branches to launch yourself further away, bounce off a tree and avoid obstacles and enemies to name a few. The honeybees you collect can be used to purchase numerous upgrades that will strengthen and arm your hedgehogs better. The upgrades are quite innovative and cater to the theme of the game. There is super catapult to help launch you further ahead. Anti resine helps you escape sticky honey traps while super branch allows you to launch yourself higher.

At present, there are 40 exciting levels for one to engage themselves with. While some levels are quite easy, others can have you at your wit’s ends. All you need to do is to figure out the most perfect angle to launch your hedgehogs at and you can clear the level in no time. Some levels require you to do a lot of trial and error before you actually get it right. The developer, Anton Shilov, is in the process of developing newer levels to make the game more exciting.


The hedgehogs in this game are indeed very adorable. Going by the name of Huf and Shuf, the hedgehog brothers are very charming. There is another cute hedgehog called Fik, who is also a brother of Huf and Shuf. While Fik is not readily available to help his brothers, he will do so when an extra reward is to be earned. Besides just the apples, there are also gold medals to be earned.

The icons and animations in the game are very creative and cute indeed. The user interface is easy to handle and it takes absolutely no time to master the controls. If you have some time to kill and some boredom that you wish to do away with, then HedgePult is the ideal one for you. Kids and adults will sure enjoy it alike. The crux of this game lies in the excitement and fun it has to offer. The graphics and physics of this game are well done and have been paid good detailed attention to. Overall, the game is sure worth a try, especially for kids.

Good: Good concept, engaging

Bad: The idea of the blue hedgehog is not entirely original

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