Yoga is an ancient and traditional system that works to help people in realizing their full potential through increased awareness. The poses in yoga are an easy way to master body maintenance skills by promoting the mental, emotional and physical capacity of an individual. Its focus lies on spiritual harmony and on concentrating on oneself. It is effective in regulating even the endocrine system and the nervous system by gaining access to one’s sub-conscious being. As the rapid pace of modern life takes its toll on our lifestyles and health, more people are embracing traditional methods like yoga to restore their peace of mind.

Daily Yoga is a wonderful Android app( by DailyYoga Inc ) that provides dynamic yoga lessons on one’s mobile phone or smart phone. It is completely compatible with all Android tablets and phones to give you an excellent experience of an ancient and glorious art. It makes you feel like you are part of an actual yoga class.

Each and every posture has been demonstrated step by step through videos that can be viewed on full screen for your convenience. There are voice narrations and detailed instructions. Each yoga posture is shown one at a time with a special timer to guide you throughout the entire sequence. Each session has been arranged for well by their certified yoga instructor group. There is a soft voice to guide you and background music that is graceful to soothe you. This will all ensure that you get the best and most fulfilling yoga classes on your mobile.

There are many notable features that give this app an edge over all other apps in its league. With this app, you can achieve fitness and health in its entire prime. The videos are all in high definition and are supported both by full screen and landscape view. So, you can view them as you like. There are sessions that have been designed to meet the needs of users at different levels of training. There are also free choices for sessions of varying training durations. As and when you finish a training session, you will earn some points, which will be added to your score.

With all this convenience and excellent design, there are also a few big drawbacks in this app. Each yoga session is in the form of an independent plugin, which means it has to be installed separately on your device. For the rest, it is effective in helping release tensions and pressures so as to restore health and good will. It does truly restore one’s calm and makes one feel fresh and rejuvenated. You can choose between the sessions every day and practise it each day of the week.

This Android app is complete with all the poses and postures to help you restore your health and calm. It has been made at different levels to meet the needs of those at different levels of training. It has yoga as per your needs so that you get all the convenience of a yoga class on your mobile device.

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