If you’re struggling with your business or fundraiser at certain events, Mespeaker could definitely be one of your best bets to announce your “louds” and have your voice heard for up to 3 km.  Newspaper, radio and TV ads are definitely expensive and may not generate a crowd worth the investment.  This service is completely free, providing no pesky applications and has a lot of fun features as well as a great look to it.  With this application or service, you can either write announcements for people to hear or you can just use a voice message or a “loud” to announce your business, fundraiser or event to people in your area.  If you don’t feel like sharing your location to people, you should consider that this application does not require your name, address or anything.  All you give out is your location through your Android phone so that people know where the event or business is.

The application has three simple buttons once you get through the menu.  You can search for up to a 3 km radius for people or events and you have a plus button which allows you to add your own loud.  You also get a list of past louds and “I likes!” from you or other people, which really does work when you want to eat out at a place that people recommend.  A great idea for people who own businesses or make fundraisers is to put the QR code for people to recommend instantly.  If business is going great, then you can be sure that many other people could come and enjoy what you have done.  So if you have a free service in the palm of your hands, why pay for announcements anywhere else?  The application does not have enough ratings to be displayed on the android market, but it is useful and anyone who has a business can tell you that it is.

Now that there are public gatherings for people who want to occupy places, you can post your message and a picture showing your support.  You can also be the voice that carries the message to people who may not be involved because they lack the information you need.  This application has endless possibilities and has great potential to be something great.

You can either hear public louds or set up a private channel to speak to the people you trust, making it versatile and useful for everyone.  All you have to do is register a check-in code and share it with the people you want to talk to.  You can even set up a logo for people to see, which is great if you have a business and you want people to find it instantly without having to look too much.  Your logo can be uploaded from your picture album on your Android device.

Your message has to be up to 320 characters long and you can post the duration of the event as well as a url for new users to check out the place and also see the I likes!  You can pinpoint the exact location and even get directions from Google maps to get there, so people won’t get lost.  Overall the application is great to access from your Android device no matter where you are or what you do, it is simple to use, has a lot of potential and may become popular in the future.  In order to try the application out and see if it is successful, one must take the first step and download it, share it with your friends personally, and sit and wait for recommendations to come in.

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