Physics based games are always interesting and can induce fun in every sort of thing. No matter what is the object and what is the mission that you require accomplishing, you require putting in some calculation and thoughts for the same. There is a new and unique game on play store which is based on physics but with a mission. Rolling pals is an arcade game that is based on friendship where one friend is trapped and other friends are trying to rescue him by pressing the right button. The game is presented by UnitForge Studios and the price of the game is quite less.


Rolling Pals is a game where the characters are quite cute and they roll in the perfect motion and dimension to hit the target. There is no time limit in the game, but you have to be perfect. There are numerous levels in the game and one star in each of the level. Your target would be to collect as many stars as possible and the funny characters will collect it in a funny way. The animation of the game is too good and so is the concept. There are balls with different properties which you can hit for your help. For example, there are bombs which can be blasted to clear the path.



  • Rolling pals is physics based game where you have to be accurate in your tips as well as reflection.
  • The game requires you to be perfect in the first shot because if you fail the level will end. There is no time limit in the game and you have to be correct in your first attempt. You can always try the same level till you become successful.
  • The game has a total of 80 levels and each level has a different logic to it.  It can be quite challenging.
  • There would be a star in each of the level. Apart from rescuing your friend from the trap, your target would be to collect the star. Check how much you can collect in these 80 levels.
  • In some of the levels there would be more than one pal rescuing the trapped pal.
  • The rolling balls like creatures are your weapons in the game.
  • The animation of the game is quite good.
  • The game is available for all android users with android 2.2 or later.
  • The version 1.0 of the game requires only 44M space on your device.
  • The game is available for $0.99.

Summary: Rolling pals is a game of physics where you require shooting your balls in the right direction so that the pal that is inside the barrier can be freed. The game is interesting and unique and there are numerous levels in the game to keep your interest going.

Good: The animation and the effects in the game are mind-blowing and some levels are actually going to make you think a lot.

Bad: The game has been praised by all and there is nothing bad reported about the game.

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