Messaging is the art of expressing yourself to people and that is the reason why we message more than we call. Chat, SMS, email and twits are forms of messages that people share with each other but none of these forms can actually show how you express yourself while sending the text. To reduce that problem, new itunes apps are introduced where you can send your message along with a photo to express your feelings. EmoCiao is quite different from these messages as it provides a scope to animate your emotions and gestures in the funniest way possible. The app is developed by Tahto Inc and this can claim to be the best animated messaging app ever on iTunes.


The messaging app of Emociao does not only allow you to send animated messages but it also lets you add faces to it. For example, if you are sending a push off message to your friend, you can incorporate the face of your friend and customize the clothing. Then you can let the app provide an animation effect to the whole thing and you are going to enjoy it. Now send the message to the person you want or share through Facebook or twitter. There are endless options of dressing and modifying the characters. Though the app is available for free, you can actually buy some cool in-apps.



  • You can send animated message through Emociao.  You can do that through social media.
  • There would be animation along with sound to make your message more meaningful.
  • There are wacky and hilarious scenarios and you can choose the face for the same. Choose the photo from your album or take photo through your app.
  • You will have numerous dressing options to make your character, even funnier.
  • Apart from the animation, you can include your text message.
  • Wacky walks are also customizable.
  • There are numerous stored messages that you can choose. You can also unlock custom messages for 100 EC.
  • The first step would be to choose the type of message; the options are pushing off, thanks and love. You can choose to thank people who have helped you, send a love message or push someone off with your message.
  • You can choose the face, clothing and accessories and the system will do the animation for you. All the animations are great to look at.
  • New features are being added to the app, every now and then.
  • The app is available for iOS 5.1 or later and it is applicable both for iPads and iPhones.
  • The version 1.1 of the app requires only 45.4 MB space.


Summary: EmoCiao is a unique animation based messaging app where you get to select your character and express your true emotions in the best possible manner.

Good: EmoCiao is a unique app where you can personalize the character and express your true feelings to someone. The app is completely free to use but there are purchases to make the app even more interesting.

Bad: The app is interesting but the face positing can be a bit difficult.

Worth Having Application  :  Download the Application