As we human beings have a world of our own on the land, the sea creatures have their own world under the water. As there are threats and scares in the human society and it is crucial to save yourself from those, the same is the scenario with the world beneath the sea. You may not observe the world and its activities with your necked eyes, but there are lots going on. The game of Aquator captures the activities in the world under water and also lets you see the struggle that the sea creatures go through for survival.


The app of Aquator developed by Software Solutions & Technologies AG is now available on iTunes and the best part is that, the app is available for free. A sea monster has attacked the sea kingdom and he is about to kidnap the baby fishes and eat their noses. He looks dirty and his fins are even dirtier. Aquator is the hero in the game who is approached by the sea parents. Aquator has a submarine which is equipped with cannon, and bombs which can destroy the enemies. The enemies can emit bullets as well as poison. Your duty is to help the Aquator win his mission and destroy all evils in its very disposal. Be a hero and win the battle against the aqua monster and you can score points.



  • Aquator is an app that caters to the world under the sea and there are cute sea creatures in the app.
  • Aquator is the hero in this app and he is to beat the sea monster.
  • The aqua monster can emit bullets as well as poison and the Aquator has to save himself from the same.
  • The game has intuitive control and that is based on gravity. You require changing the angles of your iDevice in order to give him direction as well as motion.
  • It is quite easy to learn the game with very less complexity.
  • Power ups and health bonuses will be available in the way and you require grabbing them.
  • This is a 2D game with great graphics.
  • Laser gun and machine guns are to be owned as power ups.
  • The firing runs constantly.
  • The display is cool due to the laser beam and cool colors.
  • The version 1.0.1 of the app is available for iOS 6.0 or later. The app is optimized for iPhone 5. You can also enjoy this app on iPad.
  • The app requires only 27.7 MB space on your device and it is available for free.

Summary: Aquator is a submarine and a savior from the sea monster. The game is about shooting everything that comes in the way and collecting as many power ups as possible in order to make the mission easy.

Good: The game has a nice story behind it and the game is currently available for free.

Bad: There is only one level in the game and this keeps people asking for more.

Worth Having Application :   Download the Application