With the boom of Basketball, it is no surprise to see an avalanche of Basketball games appearing everywhere, including on the Android Platform. Space Ball is just one of those games that you will see on the Android Market. However, there are many things which set Space Ball and the other Basketball games apart such as its amazing graphics, great game play and original background setting.

Firstly, the background settings are set on a “Space” backdrop, where the main character is a cool purple alien who is trying to be the best in Basketball. While other basketball games on the Android focuses on other events like the NBA and normally humans, Space Ball will provide a fresh and innovative idea to those who are bored with conventional ones.

Another thing which allures people to Space Ball is its four different and special modes, ranging from Classic Mode, TNT Mode, Time Mode and the locked Ultimate Mode which you can unlock by liking their Facebook page.

Each provides different types of game play for different types of players. For example, their time mode will restrict the player to a limited amount of time and he will have to accomplish his best score during that time period. In the TNT mode, you are not fighting against time but against the TNTs which appears regularly on the game field. Hitting against the TNT will result in a lost ball where you only possess 3 in the mode.

Game play is easy to understand and not hard to master at all. To move around in the 2 dimensional game field, you would have to tilt your screen sideways, depending on which way you would want to go. If you would want to shoot, just swipe your finger up the screen to do it. These easy controls will make it that even a young child can play. The moving hoops around the field also add some difficulty for the player, making competitiveness between friends or family even more exciting.

Space Ball’s graphics are also one to look out for. The futuristic design of the whole game, with the addition of a stylish and cool looking protagonist only makes the game look more popular and vibrant. Some modes like the TNT mode have special backgrounds, where aliens are peering at you playing Basketball. Even the main menu is well done, sticking to the design of space.

However, some of you might feel that the tilting system which Space Ball used could be quite clunky, as in my case where it is very hard to keep in pace with the moving hoops while having a tilted device. You are also not able to shoot sideways, meaning that you can only shoot in the direction of where your character is standing at. You can’t also customize your character, something which I would love to see as it adds on to the value.


  • Simple and easy Gameplay
  • Futuristic AI
  • Free
  • 4 different modes


  • No Customization
  • Tilting system might make it very hard to shoot
  • Can’t shoot sideways

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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