There was a time when the iPhone used to be the perfect tool to explore games. Today, Android has taken this spot. Be it an RPG game or an adventure game or a simple game, Android phones that are easily available in all shapes and sizes have made it the top platform for gaming. There are so many interesting options to be explored with respect to your favorite games.

If you’ve recently grown tired of that game on your phone, which you played every day, why don’t you try out one of these games or other best selling android games for 2016? You might just get addicted.


Here is a list of the top Android games that you cannot miss if you own an Android device:

  • FIFA 16: Ultimate Team (Free) – EA’s all-time popular soccer series has now unveiled its latest edition of FIFA titled “FIFA 16: Ultimate Team”. This game challenges players across the globe to build a dream team of their choice with the best soccer players. Players begin with a limited stable of players, play matches and earn points by winning them. These points can be traded for better players, helping you build a stronger and better team.
  • Need for Speed No Limits (Free) – This is a free racing game that comes with intense and exciting but short races that are built atop the underground street racing circuit. In order to win, the right combination and timing of drafting, drifting and wise usage of nitro is essential. As you win races, you are awarded points. These can be used to modify your current car or buy new machines that are better equipped. There are a variety of currency systems, fuel systems, daily challenges and more that make this game exciting and interesting for players across the globe.
  • Prune ($3.99) – Prune is a minimalist puzzle game that focuses on relaxing the mind. It draws from the art of Bonsai that originated in Japan. Players are required to carefully cultivate a plant, prune the stray branches and make the most of the obstacles and environment. With the right conditions, caretaking and sufficient light, your plant will grow into an elegant tree and bloom with fruits and flowers. The minimalist look of the game makes it worth a shot.
  • PAC-MAN 256 (Free) – Based on the old game, this game is a modern rendition of the traditional PAC-MAN. It comes from the developers of Crossy Road and has been designed for mobile devices. Players must guide Pac-man through a maze, munching dots and power pellets along the way. At the same time, they must outrun ghosts and the “The Glitch”. The power pellet helps you take over the ghosts while new power-ups like the laser beam add additional fun and twists to the traditional game. The points earned in each level can be used to buy power-ups for the next ones.
  • Game of Thrones (Free, $20) – This game is based on the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Players are given control of the reins of House Forrester and must struggle for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. The times decision making and high stakes make this game gripping and enthralling as the show. As the players enter the world of politics, they must make tough choices in life and on the battlefield.