We often search for a piece of paper and pen to note down any important thing such as phone numbers, addresses, to-do items, and other important reminders as soon it crosses our minds. The notepad is one of the most simple yet widely used tools in our computers.

The Notepadus is a combination of the Android smartphone and hardcopy note pad combination that replaces papers and pens to note information down. Combining simplicity and interesting capabilities, the Notepadus Widget Free application available in the Android market is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and top tools in the market today.

Unique Features of the App:

  • The most attractive feature of Notepadus when compared to the other notepad applications is that, it can be used like a hard–copy notepad. This provides instant access to all information in the notepad.
  • You can experience this application at its best when you use it as full screen widget, but you can enjoy its features in the mobile mode as well.
  • There is a dropbox feature which allows you to access your notepad’s content anywhere and everywhere you want. There is no special registration required to access the dropbox facility.
  • The notepad information is stored as text files, which helps in the effective utilization of the memory space. The notepad files can be easily located within the sdcard, since they are stored as text files.
  • The app offers a great way to make note of your ideas, remarks, recipes, shopping list, poems, and the list goes on and on.
  • There is a drag and drop feature with which you can sort all your pages with little effort.

  • You can use this Notepadus application as a widget. While you are trying to access the widget in the application, the cursor can be positioned anywhere just by tapping.
  • This app is completely free of ads.
  • Easy scroll facility through all the pages. There are gestures within the application which facilitates free scrolling.
  • This app can be easily configured and it is very easy to use.
  • There are some additional features which are available in this app; these help the user to easily navigate through the app wherever they are.
  • The navigation bar in the app can be hidden by pressing the hardware menu button. When you have to edit your text just tap the cursor on that specific text or the specific place to change it into the editing mode.

Bottom Line:

The Notepadus widget free is a very useful app and it greatly minimizes the effort for noting down things. It also offers an effective way to organize and access the noted items. The free version of the app has 5 pages in it. When you purchase the Notepadus from the android market for $0.99, you can enjoy unlimited access and page counts. Go ahead and download the app for just $0.99 and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer, all from your smartphones and tablets.

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