It is a very nostalgic feeling when it is the last minute of exam and you are not finished yet. Time is running short and some part is still remaining. In a hurry, you make more mistakes and the result goes down. So, you have to hold your nerves in such pressure situations and make the best out of it. But if you like these kinds of pressure handling situations, where it all is a matter of time and accuracy, I guess, this is the right application for you.

Buzzer Quiz-1 vs. 1 is the latest addition to the IOS application store. The app has been developed by Benjamin Lochmann and as the name suggests, it brings the old feeling of trivia quizzing back with modern flavor. If you are a fan of “Who wants to be a millionaire”, you are just one step away from downloading this app and playing it wisely. There are a set of questions related to different topics like geography, computers and some more general knowledge stuff. Each question has 4 options as we normally have in any quiz. There are many different rounds like one or none or multiple with different criteria. There is time limit for each question. So, you have to answer for that question within the given time period.

While you can play all alone and try to reach the first position on high scores table, you can also compete with your friends in multiplayer mode. There will be a buzzer for both and one who taps it first and answers correctly, gets the point. So, it is just as fun as you see in a TV show, where there are a no. of teams participating and fighting for the quest. The difficulty level is not that hard and you can answer them easily if you are updated with just the usual information going around you.

There are many interesting props being used in the game which make it more interactive than a usual quizzing one. The buzzer is just the right choice for this kind of app which makes it more engaging and competitive. The graphics of the game are better than the average. You will just feel that you are actually into a trivia quiz show. The music backs the game very well and makes the situation more intense as the game proceeds.

The game is a paid one and is available at a low amount of $0.99 on I store. It is a above average game and the price is justified for the entertainment. The multiplayer feature is something unique and will be appreciated most in the game. However, there is no online gaming option. It is just the only thing missing to make this a perfect quizzing game and should have had been included. But still, it is a good game, cheap and you should obviously try for this one.

Let’s see how quick and smart are you to beat one of your friends or your elder brother, who thinks you are dumb!

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