Sometimes you’re a week behind on major project, and you got two hours of sleep. So when anxiety makes its presence known in your day, you know exactly why. But at other times, that tightness in your throat comes out of nowhere. That’s why many people with anxiety find it helpful to keep a regular diary of their thoughts and feelings. Anyone who adores quality Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker app will surely enjoy what they experience in Chiku app that’s for sure.

Are you looking for the Best Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker App?

It is hard to maintain a personal diary or mood journal and write about our feelings. Keeping our precious moments and memories safe for a lifetime is always good. If you are interested to do so then you should consider checking out and log your emotions and create a story anytime, anywhere using this popular Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker app.

Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker Myths Explained

Emotion Tracker

Think about what made you feel happy and why something did not. You can log your emotions in the happiness tracker or reason about why your daily life has become so stressful. Chiku is your personal assistant and emotion tracker to help you keep track of your day-to-day activities and inspire you along the way to keep making your life better.

Mental Health Journal

The app professionally finds your mental health score. It rates your daily mood and feelings to generate a score averaged over a period of time that tells how well you are keeping. So stay elevated and keep a high score. You can also have a look at your top feelings, moods and activities over the last few days.

Read Quote of the Day

Receive daily dose of quotations, challenges, and questions. You can start your day by reading quote of the day that motivates you to achieve great things in life and guide you to live a more meaningful life. Also take Challenges that spark a competitive spirit in you and feel a sense of accomplishment when you fulfil them. You can also explore the self care journal to answer questions that force you to rise above petty issues and ponder over more important stuff in life.

Mood Journal and Mood Diary

You can get in-app blogs and be a part of the mood diary community. Connect with others like you anonymously through our Community Platform. Also share what you feel on various topics with mood journal discussions. It is trusted that it’s simpler to face challenges in life when you have someone to talk to and get support from like-minded people. More importantly self-care journal is available in 6 languages respectively in English, Hindi, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Key Features of Chiku – Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker

  • Log your mood, feeling, activities and write about your day in mood journal.
  • Graphs & Interesting Insights to make mood diary more appealing
  • Configure reminders to create a story daily in self-care journal
  • Get a daily dose of motivation in the form of quotes, questions and challenges.
  • Increase your security by enabling emotion tracker app lock
  • Draw or add images and add them to your story
  • Use Happiness tracker to log your feelings
  • Read in app blogs and quote of the day about mental health
  • Join a community of like-minded people and mood journal keepers.
  • Multiple mood diary Themes to personalize your diary.
  • Dark mode available for mental health journal

Final Recommendation

Everything is wholly packed in this popular app with ton of salient aspects for users. If people are eagerly searching for a beneficial and life-changing self care journal app, then the new emotion tracker and mental health journal namely Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker app is pragmatically introduced for users.