Life is precious and you cannot lose it due to a lack of concentration. However, this is the problem with several teenagers who think it is cool to text while driving. People receive call while driving and this makes them meet with an accident at most of the times. People who text while drive are more prone to accidents than those who don’t. You may feel at times, that there should be something that would turn off all your notifications at the time of driving, something that would answer for you and let people know that you are on the road. This is possible with No Texting While Driving App by AutoinsuranceEZ which does not only disable notification when you are driving, but also lets the caller know why you are not able to take calls. So, the caller is not going to mind even if you don’t pick the call up and you are going to be lot safer on the road.


No Texting While Driving App is an app dedicated to road safety and it is compatible to the android mobiles. You just require putting it on while driving and it will do its job, silently. It will not only disable the SMS notifications but also block calls. However, these are just put on silent mode and you will be able to see them once you are off the driving seat.



  • The app stops or silences the text messages and calls when you put it on.
  • You can choose the bounce back message that you want to send to people.
  • The app tracks the speed of your car by the GPS system on your phone. When the GPS records a fast moving track, the app disables the calls and SMS.
  • You can set the speed limit at which the calls alert will be disabled.
  • As the app detects the speed limit according to the pre determined limit set by you, you can just forget about the app but it would not forget about you.
  • You can choose to put the app on and off according to your requirement.
  • You can change several features of the app such as incoming call alert, speed limit, and many such things. You can change the update interval limit too.
  • This app can be downloaded on android devices with android 2.1 or later version.
  • The version 1.0 of the app is a sleek one which does not require much space on your mobile. It takes only 458 KB space on your device and it is available for free.


Summary: No Texting While Driving App by AutoinsuranceEZ is nothing less than a blessing to the parents who are always worried about their kids driving and texting. This app stops them from texting and taking calls when driving and that reduces the chance of them getting into an accident.

Good: The app is loaded with features which are important for a safe journey and it is available for free at the play store.

Bad: There is nothing that goes wrong with this simple app.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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