Getting introduced to a world of unlimited adventurous photos implies that there is much to view, enjoy and even share. Since the introduction of the fantastic TimeSet app, users have been able to get an amazing experience. This comes from exploring and interacting with friends and new people from all over the world on the same platform. It is truly a next-gen app that perfectly combines two unique components (social connection and global exploration) in achieving its purpose.

The app allows its users to upload different images at a particular time and place and share with other people. With a great focus of enhancing exploration, TimeSet app brings friends, events and all changes happening in different cities all over the world. With such an interactive platform, it becomes quite easy to explore, discover and make dreams a reality.

How the TimeSet app works

It all starts by signing up and creating a user account. Once an individual has gained friends, one can be ready to post different photos based on locations, events and other interesting categories worth exploring. Such posting can be followed by a short description which can express happiness, hope and emotions of the events that transpired during the capturing.

The timefeed is quite engaging and other users can always respond to different posts. One can also scroll downwards to get the latest feeds that have been posted by different individuals. Individuals can also opt to create bucketlists based on their tastes and preferences for exploration. Some bucketlists can result to creation of communities based on related individuals. Such a process may induce great interaction which can ultimately result to meeting new people and becoming long-time explorers.


Compatibility of TimeSet app

TimeSet app requires a highly-defined device that can be able to efficiently support its operation. Actually, high performance can be achieved through adoption of a well compatible device that will seamlessly integrate the app to offer great output. Currently, TimeSet app works effectively with Android devices version 4.1 or any latest available.

There are some notable features that one will experience while using TimeSet app. They include:

Categorize different photos 

There are different categories that have been offered by this unique app. As a user, one can tailor these categories based on the preferred explorations. This implies that they are mostly meant to reflect on the interests indicated on the bucketlist. Thus, such categories can focus on food, art, scenery, people and many others.

Design a personal bucketlist

A bucketlist is meant to indicate different interests, desires and aspirations that an individual may wish to explore. Such interests can be well achieved if they are well indicated in an effective platform. In order to make such future aspirations a reality, TimeSet app stretches further to bring together individuals with same interests. They can form a community and interact freely, organize for exploration events and make them a reality.

Great view of uploaded photos

With TimeSet app, it becomes quite easy to view different photos that have been uploaded from any geographical location around the world. This implies that one can clearly see where the latest images were taken from and at what time. Interestingly, there is the direct message feature that allows the viewer to instantly send messages to new people and friends to start up some conversation.

Explore the world and share pictures

Having some leisure time? There is no need to stay at home when an amazing adventure is in-waiting. One can send different invitation to friends and other known TimeSet users and get into an amazing adventure. This can result to photo capturing which can be shared on the TimeSet app platform. Such a great adventure can be quite memorable for many years to come.


Browse locations and photos using the map

Actually, under the “Discover” tab, one will come across a map that can facilitate quick identification of different photos found in different locations. During this process, the user can apply filters to effectively narrow the search and easily get the required photos. Apparently, the “zooming in” option can really work well for this task.

The following are the Pros and cons likely to encounter while using this unique app:


· Quick instant message for interaction

· Easy to customize categories

· Great design and graphics

· Great opportunity for exploration

· A chance to make new lasting friends


· Affected by bug problem

· Loading problem a bit slow

Final Verdict

Whether it’s about exploring different events, sceneries or activities all over the world, TimeSet app is designed to perfectly support such an experience. It has integrated essential components to ensure that the overall user satisfaction is highly achieved when it comes to capturing and sharing geo-tagged photos. Besides, it goes ahead to ensure that its users remain connected through its interactive platform. This is a great deal for photographers, photo lovers and individuals ready to explore the world. This 5-star app is currently ready for download on the Google Play. Get it today for absolutely free!

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