All of us have a naughty side which our friends might be familiar with but no way that our parents come to know about it sooner or later. But our parents are wise enough to keep checking our phone to find out if we are any cleaner or not. We can try our level best but keeping them away from the phone gallery isn’t a simple task to do and in the end, it doesn’t even matter whether we had tried or not because we are ultimately caught. I won’t say that it’s good hiding things from your parents, but we have a personal life as well which we don’t want to share with anybody, even our friends. So what’s bad in having a separate safe locker for our private stuff?


I am talking about the new Android app, Gallery & Apps Lock Free that has been developed by Migital Secure. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or later version of the OS. Let me make this clear that this app is not for under age children because I don’t think they have things that can’t be shared with their parents.


Now coming to the app, there are many features which can be used individually as well as combined to build a stronger shield. There are many different modes such as Hidden, Encryption, App Locker, Stealth Mode, etc. While the Hidden mode lets use hide the files completely off the screen and is fast in doing so, the encryption mode is a little bit slow and encrypts the files in a different coding language not readable by the user. While Gallery files can be both hidden and encrypted, you can also lock other apps not in the gallery, both native as well as downloaded using App Locker. The App Locker allows you to either keep a password to be entered each time you open the app or you can set a pattern as well. Over the top, there is a voice access protection as well which will recognize only your voice for opening up the case.

The app is very easy to use. You don’t have to lock each app individually. You can just mark all the apps whether downloaded or native and then take an action. There is lock timer as well in case you don’t want to use the protection password each time. Even you can double up the security by activating any two protections at a time. There is also a Stealth Mode which hides the icon of the app and you can unhide it back by typing *#007# on your phone and pressing Call.


No doubt that the app has all the features that you can think of, but almost all the features that I’ve discussed above are available in the Pro version which is available for $4.99. They are also available in the free version but in limited amounts such as you can only hide 5 videos and 15 photos in the free version; not more than that. But still, it’s a good buy for the free version though the paid one seems a little high to me.

Pros: multiple selection; double protection; hide, encrypt and voice protection; free version available.

Cons: highly priced for the paid version.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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