Captum brings multimedia marketing into the future by allowing users to embed videos into printed marketing materials using the power of AR to create immersive, memorable experiences – all from your smartphone.

Available to download now for iOS and Google Play, Captum brings a previously expensive technology to mobile, making it affordable and accessible for anybody. How does it work, you ask? It’s easy – you just capture a video and scan the thing you want to attach it to. When another person scans the business card, flyer, photo or whatever you’ve used, they’ll see the video you captured.

Technology like this is incredibly powerful for generating leads and closing sales in industries where imagery is extremely important, like real estate. You could hand clients a flyer with pictures of different properties and, by scanning the images, a client could then be immersed in a virtual tour of the house. Even if you don’t work in real estate, Captum can add a wow factor to your marketing material and create a unique, high retention experience, no matter what industry you’re in – health & beauty, fitness, food, tourism and more!

Even for non-professional use, Captum has a ton of potential. It can bring family photo albums to life by attaching videos to each image, or make postcards you send to friends and family more exciting.

Captum is a powerful tool to have on your smartphone, whether you’re looking to wow your family and friends, close more sales or create unique, immersive customer experiences, it can all be done in seconds.

Download now on iOS and Google Play.