Are you crazy about traditional Labyrinth game ? Willing to have it on your gadget ? Then you are right here.  A new labyrinth type of game “Candy Ball” for ipad has been released on apple store by Hill stone Animation studios.  Game with challenging levels and it gives you same feel as traditional labyrinth game on wooden board.

The name itself says, that you are gonna play with balls.  At the starting of the game, a ball generator will generate a ball which you need to pocket on the holes of game space. The ball ll be colorless at the starting stage of the game, that the player need to put it on color pond on the center and make it color. In later stages of the game, you ll get color balls from ball generator, you need to tilt your ipad and make the ball to reach it’s destination.Balls should be pocketed into same color of the hole and by the way balls will be interrupted by the black and other color hole, gamer needs to avoid those hole. The developers made this part much tricky and challenging. Different colors of balls makes your game space more colorful and engaging you continuously on the game play.

In upcoming levels, the game getting more difficult with additional interruption to pocket the balls on the holes. Like fire ll be flashed from two corners which you need to safe your balls from fire.  Rotating knife will be there to tear your ball, no. of black holes count increased, From all these obstacles, you need to safe your ball and pocket it on the right hole. Candy ball game offers you 20 various challenging levels. You will have to play 3 stages of every level, and you can get 5 life in each level. Life is limited, so player has to play consciously to crack the level.

Candy ball offers you social media share, you can share your status and success on facebook if you logged in to your facebook account. Also you can send invitation to your facebook friends, if they accepted your invitation, your game play will get additional life and it is more beneficial to move on successive levels.  Excellent sound tracks and back ground colors make you immersed into game play.

H.S.A studios has released this game only for ipad, in near future they are planning to release it on iphone too. Current version of Candy ball is completely free for download, but there is an in-app purchase option to buy golds for more lifes.  Overall, experience on Candy ball is good. Hope developers will add more challenging levels in paid version. Candy Ball, an another worth playing free ipad game on the market !

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