Now, if you follow the title, what can be the probable storyline of a game? Of course, when it comes to banking, there is nothing more interesting than to steal the money with some good intelligence without being caught by the cops. It’s a pattern that many movies are based on and now comes this new IOS app, which can be credited to be equally suspenseful and dangerous as the real time theft.

Bank Job, is the latest addition to the App Store and is compatible with I Phone 3GS, I Phone 4, I Phone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and I Pad and requires IOS 3.1.3 or later. The app has been developed by Screwtape Studios and was much anticipated before its release. It is a cartoon themed challenging and fast paced game designed with very good graphics and unique game play. The game features a burglar, Paulie Barbosa, who has entered the bank to collect as much as loot as possible and it’s your job to help him escape the high security vaults and get out without being hurt.

The game play of the game is very addictive. It’s all about timing basically. As you move further, both the loot and the obstacles, which include spinning grinder, lasers, anvil, etc. will come towards you and hit you. So, you need to be perfect to hit as much loot items as possible and avoid all the obstacles. There are a total of 60 objectives. While some of them might be very easy, others might take the laugh out your mouth.

But that’s not all what the app is worth for. To make it easy to steal and escape, five types of cool hats have been designed. Each hat is associated with a unique power. Just wear the crown one and make all the loot count. So, no more risk involved of getting struck by any obstacle while trying to fill up your bag. Go for the poker hat to gamble a little and choose a card to multiply your haul a no. of times. Or get yourself Viking Helm to get a huge, Nordic leap. But these hats can only be purchased in exchange of the loot you have earned. It’s just similar to buying new cars in NFS in exchange of cash rewards you have earned by winning the races.

To help boost your precious loot, five in app purchases are available. You can go for low amount purchase and get a little amount of loot or go for the higher one and remove all the worries from your head for any need to ever collect again. The different rates of purchase are $0.99 for 50,000 loot, $15.99 for 999,999,999 loot and likewise.

So, we found this game to be very good. The characterization, whether it be the burglar or the hats, were awesome. Also, the graphics of the game were quite fascinating and unique. The cartoon based modeling was a very good idea and we appreciate the performance of the game too. The concept of hat was innovative but could be used in many other possible ways. Also, the price quotes are a little higher.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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