You always need challenges in life to keep you motivated and push you to excellence. Without deadlines and threats, effectiveness of work is not too high. Taking up challenges and braving them is a kind of addiction for many. If you share a similar opinion, read on to know more about the Android app Lost Treasure.


Living the life of a warrior is a trying and hectic task. While you try ti make your enemies fear you, there is also an underlying fear of death within you that can consume you. There is no assurance of getting back home anytime in the near or far future. Imagine all of this with your men in a newfound land. You just have to put yourself in the shoes of a great warrior and move ahead. Lost Treasure relives the life of a great warrior. Developed by Touch Stone, this app needs an Android device with Android 2.1 or higher.


Set in Northern Europe, lost treasure takes you on a unique adventure. You own an island that is situated in the centre of their territory. As the game falls under the category of strategy games, you can expect building your army, selecting heroes, developing your land and similar developmental activities. There are a set of over 60 heroes for you to choose between. Each has a unique set of skills and qualities.

The app is really easy to work with. After installing, you are required to log in. for this, you have the option of creating a new user account or simply using your Facebook account. All you have to do is set out on your ghost ship and explore unknown lands. While traversing them, you are in search for the lost treasure. There are over 30 such treasures that are scattered along different parts of your world.

While you set out to explore new worlds, you will find other island owners who may refuse to cooperate. There is only one solution to that- go out on war with them. So, gear up your defences and army for the worst unseen attacks from all directions. There will also be pirate ships that you can loot for money.

The game is full of challenges along each step that you take. One among these is the ancient dragons. Fighting them is tantamount to summoning death. One of your main aims is to bring strong attacks and defences to face these monsters. Before you challenge them, gear up all the defences you have.


The graphics of the app are simply superb. The user interface is highly user friendly. There is a magical adventurous feel to the entire design on the whole. Each part of the app has been designed well so that it looks attractive and engaging. There is a soft adventurous background music that builds up the mood for the game. There is a large community of users at present. To join it, you merely have to download the app from the App Store. Moreover, it is available free of cost.


Good: Excellent graphics, addictive challenges

Bad: None

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