Solving normal puzzles is not an easy task, where you need a strategic plan and need to be quick. Solving a Magical puzzle is very tough. It cannot be done by every other person. Only people who know well about magic can solve these puzzles easily. But there is a way to learn about solving magical puzzles step by step with ultimate guidance. It’s nothing but Nevosoft Inc’s innovation Magic Academy: Part One.  Nevosoft has great reputation in developing games of puzzles, adventures and suspense genre.  Dream Sleuth: hidden object, Mysteryville:detective story, Mysteryville 2: hidden crime are the few successful games in android market.

Magic Academy Part one is a puzzle filled, instructive, adventurous and mysterious game which will give you complete picture about the magic world, their spells and ancient secrets. The story of the games runs around small girl Irene, who tries to find her sister Annie. Annie is a young student wizard, who has disappeared from the higher academy of Arwindale. Irene doesn’t know anything about the wizard world but she had big faith for rescuing her sister from this mysterious world. To succeed in this adventure she enrolls herself in the academy and investigates about her sister. Later she identified that there is some mystery revolves around in her sister’s case as the masters puzzled her mind with some magic spells. Now Irene has been pushed to a position to solve some puzzles to rescue her lost sister Annie.

Nevosoft’s standard has improved well through this game in the form of graphics, sound effects, new storyline, new characters, etc.  Though this game has slight resemblance of Mysteryvile series, it has a new story line with new set of characters to amaze you. The Magic spells and other ancient artifact involved in this game gives you a Magical and Mysterious effect. You need to interact with the academy’s inhabitants to seek important clues and you must react quickly in solving the puzzles.  Though the storyline is different the puzzles and other interactive features reminds you of Mysteryville. Like Mysteryville each level should be completed by identifying appropriate objects from a collection, solving jumbled words, assembling scrambled images, etc keeps you more interested in this game.

Game’s hint feature, penalty etc gives you the similarity feel between Mysteryville and this game. New set of levels, new set of Magic spell lessons, exciting new hidden objects which are related to magical world gives you a new experience and which makes this game to stand out of other puzzle games.  The game comprises of a total of 21 stages with several levels.  Magic Academy Part one is available in Google’s play store for most popular Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC android devices. The current version of this game is available for free of cost to try and you can unveil the complete game from the in-app store.  Enjoy this comprehensive, challenging and mysterious game on you android devices which keeps you puzzled and addicted.

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