Falling Moron Test is a game of IQ test which keeps you interested by making you fail like a Moron. This brain teaser game is completely filled with lot of tricky puzzles which gives a real test to your thinking capacity. These types of mind games are well suited for developing IQ power.

The game is developed by ‘Wahid connected’ and made available to download in both free and paid version for Android devices. Anyone who has android 1.6 and above OS in their android devices they can happily tease their friend’s IQ power using this fun filled game. The background music of this game will keep you interested to play and it perfectly suits for mind games. The graphics is designed in a manner to suite the genre of the game and the guide to play the game is made very simple and attractive.

The free version of this game has five different sections of ultimate puzzle. The sections include the Cat and Dog Vs The Roaring Gobling Monster, The missing city is now here, The Lost and the Wild, Birds gone angry & Santa Claus and Cows Driving a car. The paid version has more and more sections like this to keep you interested and make you a big moron with its intelligent game engine. The game engine is designed to make you fool and keeps you look like an idiot.

The five sections of free version is very much interesting and the order of hardness increases right from simple instructions. This game will keep makes you fail and make you think that there is some bug with the application design but the fact is the game itself is designed to identify your foolishness level. You have option to compare and publish your score over internet with your friends. Each character that come in this game perfectly suits with the name of each section and each character is described and instructions are prepared in a way to keep you think stupid.

Be quick and active in answering the puzzles, which will give you more points and improves you IQ test. This game best suits to challenge within your friends to identify the biggest moron. This game is very funny and gives you great relaxation to your mind. The questions asked in this game are very simple and you need to follow the instructions of the game. The questions will be like find the green color, touch the sheep, etc. though the questions are very simple the game is designed to trick your mind in a short span of time. This game is one of the best free brain teaser games as this game makes you addictive to play. It’s really worth giving a try on your android devices. If you have any android device, grab this app for free from Google play store and enjoy playing. You will surely like this game and you will be ready to buy the full version to unlock more and more new sections.

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