Endless running games have become very popular in recent times. These games are mesmerising and attractive for players. People are mostly glued to their mobile phones which make it easy to play games. Playing a quick game of running entertains people when they are waiting in a line or waiting in the bank. These running games promote concentration and the responsive power in the brain making it quick to react to any situation. These endless games do not get boring after some time as the speed increases as the levels go up. Also the player is provided with numerous game gadgets as they go along the game trail.

Zombie Monster Run – 3D is a newly developed game that has entered the gaming market. The game begins with a single zombie running along the streets on a Halloween night and finding himself some tasty treats being brains to eat. As it eats people and infects them, the horde of zombies increase and so do the number of humans getting affected. Among all the zombies the most feared and powerful one is the Titanic Megalodon which has a gigantic mouth that devours everything in its path.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Zombie Monster Run – 3D’ app on your smart phone or other Android devices on which it is compatible. Now open the game and click on start. Start running and swerve, duck or jump to avoid hitting the obstacles and getting caught in the horde of zombies.

Features of the app:

Zombie Monster Run – 3D mobile app has many cool features. Some of these are listed here.

  • Amazing power ups and boosters that help you to escape the zombies and increase your score
  • Compare your score with your friends
  • Improves your brain responsiveness power

Compatible with: