Playing games are the best ways to relax one’s mind and enjoy a little time off. Games have now become more challenging and interesting than they were before. Such games get into the depth of understanding the human mind and how it can be triggered. With the stream of games coming into the market, the next one has to be a lot more interesting than before. By doing so these games are becoming an unavoidable factor of our daily lives and learning.

Jumping Blockies – Jump game is a mobile application which is an arcade game and promotes concentration.

Developed by:

Jumping Blockies – Jump game’ app was designed and developed by ‘Arnous Tech’.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘Jumping Blockies – Jump game’ app on to your smart phone or other suitable devices. Now launch the game on that device and start playing it. You should keep tapping on the cube to make it jump to the next platform and collect as many number of stars and coins to unlock new skins for the cube. Keep advancing to new levels and go over to getting higher scores. As the game progresses, you will find it more and more interesting. Avoid falling off the platform or hitting the bottom of a platform to advance to new levels.

Features of the app:

Jumping Blockies – Jump game’ has many exciting features which are listed here.

  • Play more often to get high scores
  • Beat new challenges as the game progresses
  • Simple and easy gaming controls
  • HD quality graphics
  • Multiple difficulties as you progress
  • Collect coins and stars to unlock and buy new skins for your cube

Compatible with:

Jumping Blockies – Jump game’ app is compatible on devices that are running on Android OS.