Are you bored of your monotonous life and wish to go on an exciting adventure? If this is what you need, then the Android app Windsquire is just perfect for you. A royal knight and sets out on a daring quest with your squire. Leaving behind all his worldly belongings and staking his treasure. As the knight is about exploring, he lands upon something that will change his mind and add a new twist to the story.


As the knight chances upon a mysterious and fascinating tower and is climbing it, he pushes his loyal squire down a turret. However, the squire lands upon a pile of ruins and treasure. As he lands upon these mystic magical ruins, he gains the power to control and manipulate the wind. This comes in handy while the squire escapes the deadly dragon that he has aroused. With this basic storyline, the app sets in a mood of excitement and fervor.

So, where do you come into the picture here? It is now your responsibility as a player to help the forlorn squire escape this dragon as he makes his way to the top of the tower. Help him harness the power of the wind so that he can use it to travel upward with his magical shield. Do you think you can help him escape the clutches of the fiery dragon and use the powers bestowed upon him by this magical treasure?

As part of the game, you can earn additional bonuses to help you in your journey. As you race from this deadly chasing dragon, there is gold for you to collect at every checkpoint. You can also go ahead and raid the myriad armory to upgrade your weapons including armor, magical tools and swords. If you think you will tire of it, then you are mistaken. This app has 100 unique and challenging levels with 5 special stages to keep you engaged for a long time. There are obstacles for you to crash through with the help of magic speed boosts.


The user interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. The backdrop of the app has been designed well indeed to give it a real adventurous feel. The aim of the game is very well spelt out: escape the dragon castle. The journey of doing so has been made an immense amount of fun. You have options to upgrade your character to unlock shield armor, equipment, magical powers and weapons besides the usual attributes and simple skins. The control of moving the character is by tapping around it on your screen. With a large number of obstacles to outrun, this game can go on endlessly indeed.

So, be the hero and escape the treacherous dangers with the help of your newfound powers. If you are someone who wishes to spend some quality time on adventure games, then this app is just what you need. How effectively can you use your powers to save yourself from peril and danger? Show what you got with this app.

Good: Exciting game with numerous levels and enterprising storyline

Bad: None

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