For any pilot, sailor or navigator, their sense of direction is a viable asset while on the move. The ‘Digital bearing compass’ app is a mobile based application which will be a valuable tool for such people. The app is a augmented reality app allows you to aim at different objects anddirectly read their true magnetic bearings which then gets displayed on the app.

Developed by:

Digital bearing compass’ app was created and developed by ‘Thomas Oswald’.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Digital bearing compass’ app on your smart phone or other compatible devices. Now launch the app on your phone. This app allows you to fix a point on the map that is in-built and the bearing and distance to the fixed point are regularly updated. The map also displays a red marker which is used to indicate the camera view through augmented reality. You can also set a mark on your current location which gets displayed in the camera view. You can even measure the angle between two objects or points. This app requires you to allow it to use the GPS on your phone.

Features of the app:

Digital bearing compass’ has many alluring features that are given here.

  • The user will be able to switch between the map mode and the camera mode
  • A fix can be set in the map
  • The angle between two points can be calculated
  • You can set the point and the mark gets displayed in the camera view
  • The app supports day and night viewing mode
  • There are many coordination formats to choose from
  • The app works based on augmented reality

Compatible with:

‘Digital bearing compass’ app works on iOS devices like iPhone 6s or later versions.