Those who are familiar with the Forex exchange must be familiar with Etoro, the world’s largest online social trading and investment network. It is actually a platform that provides financial services in software applications and helps connect its users to brokers directly. Its services which were since limited to computers have now been developed for the mobile trading. They already have about 2 million users and now have entered the android market with their new social trading application, eToro Trade Alerts.

The word ‘social’ here plays a very significant role. We will come to that later. Let’s talk about the features first. As the name suggests, you will be getting trading alerts about the market ups and downs based on technical analysis by the experts. You can make your own decisions and carry out real-time trading from your mobile device while on the go. You get to deal in 16 currency pairs and you can follow most of the major indices in the market like Dow Jones, FTSE 100, NASDQ 100, DAX , S&P500, France40, etc. You get real-time charts for each and every currency trade. Also, one of the major advantages that an Etoro user always possesses is a free demo account worth $10,000. It doesn’t mean that you will be getting that much amount in your account for free rather you can invest up to that amount virtually in the market and sharpen your marketing skills.

Now, the main difference that this app brings in comparison to the earlier versions is its social bar tool that connects you to the eToro’s social network members. Every time you get an alert, just tap on the alert to know more about the overview and technical details of what made that deal profitable. On the bottom of that page, you will get to see Social Cherry button. As you tap it, you will be redirected to a page showing the entire social buzz around that alert. You can see the no. of people who are active on that particular alert and have made a trade based on that alert. Also, you get access to the comments posted by other users and their advice whether to invest for the trade or not. Also, you can yourself share your own opinion by commenting and sharing the alert. You can also like or dislike a particular alert.

The other features include the history tab where you can see all your previous deals. You can start your account for real-time trading from $50 onwards. So, overall eToro is a very innovative app. We can consider it to be using the marketing techniques inspired from the social networking sites. It combines the technical investment with social aspects very effectively. Moreover, you can actually deal from your mobile device, which is really great. So, it covers every aspect that is needed for a trading app.

We will give this app 5 out of 5 stars for its brilliant and notch-ahead features.

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