Like AirBnB & Uber let you make money from your spare room and car, HotSpotMe is the world’s first on-demand Wi-Fi sharing service that makes it easy to earn some extra money by sharing your internet connection. The app is available to download for free on Google Play.

Getting started is simple, you sign up and use the app to create a secure Wi-Fi hotspot other HotSpotMe users can connect to. You can use your home Wi-Fi or your mobile data plan (just make sure you have enough data) and get paid based on how long users are connected to your hotspot.

The app opens up some fantastic opportunities to earn some extra, passive income. Tourists who visit your city may not have access to internet on their phones – hello! Maybe you live close to a café with a notoriously bad internet connection – I can’t count the number of times I’ve visited a café to do a little work only to find their internet is down… again.

If you live in the right place the earning potential is awesome, considering it takes no effort at all to set up. Payments are handled by Stripe, the payments processor used & trusted by thousands of companies across the globe.

The app is available to download worldwide but users can only sign up from 11 countries, with more being added soon. For more information visit (where users can register their home router) or download the app for free on Google Play.