As the name of the app – Meme Machine – suggests, it’s here to change the way we create and share memes with the world. Whether you use your own content or want to customize one of thousands of memes already out there, the app is super simple to use and lets you create & share memes in no time at all.

If you love filming your own funny stuff, the app features a powerful, intuitive video editor that makes it easy to turn your rough footage into a hilarious, potentially viral sensation. Don’t worry if you don’t have original content to use, you can browse through a massive library of classic, popular & latest memes to help you stay on top of the trends.

Once you’ve selected your meme you can use the video editor to cut & splice different videos together, add music & spice up your memes with emojis, text, stickers and more. Once you’re done, it only takes a few seconds to share your meme with the world. Who knows, you might have just created the next classic!

You can download Meme Machine for free on iOS – check it out!