With well over 1M downloads across Google Play and iOS, Epic Summoners is already a widely loved title in the action RPG genre. Players take on the role as Summoner, tasked with one goal – to assemble the strongest team of champions and achieve ultimate glory by crushing your opponents!

From scoundrel pirates to bearded sea Gods, Epic Summoners has a huge collection of champions to collect and battle. Each champion has a different role to play in the team, from tanks and warriors to assassins and mages. Learn how to use each role effectively and where to put them in your team to win battles against your enemies! With almost limitless combinations of characters, compositions and gear, battles in Epic Summoners are dynamic and exciting.

There’s a huge PvE campaign to conquer, spanning several realms, each of which includes smaller stages. You can leave your team to auto battle to earn rewards and, when you become strong enough, you can move on to the next stage. Just remember to come back to collect your rewards every 8 hours, as battles stop giving rewards after that.

Using EXP, gold, soul shards and dropped gear from battles, you’ll be able to upgrade your favorite champions to make them even stronger. Got loads of old gear you aren’t using? At the forge you can combine items to make higher tier stuff, allowing you to kit your heroes head to toe in the most exotic gear in the land.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, the PvP arena has different leagues for you to compete in. The arena grants some pretty good rewards, so it’s worth taking part in. Plenty of daily challenges, events and rewards encourage you to come back and offer some good loot in exchange, so it’s worth completing these missions every day.

With plenty of gear to grind for, champions to collect and plenty of quality content, Epic Summoners ticks all the boxes of what a great idle action RPG should be. It’s available to download for free on Google Play and iOS now.

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