When I’m feeling overwhelmed by reality, my activity of choice is to just kick back and relax with video dating app. While I usually prefer to relax with dating app, sometimes I have the itch to explore next generation of dating. I’m always on the lookout for new ones to hit the App Store and Play Store. If you are passionate about dating apps then you may like what Snatchable – The Video Dating App has to offer.

Snatchable is the first of a new generation of dating apps that makes use of short video bios to show users instead of the traditional bios with images. It is also possible to meet real people and not profiles. In addition Snatchable permits you to see a little of the personality, and all the angles that images can hide.

One of the quality things about Snatchable is that it permits you to pick up on subtle nuances about another user’s personality, mannerisms, sense of humor, and other characteristics that would give you an idea about who really the person is and what he actually looks like in person versus a static image that might be edited with filters and something that has been taken from many years ago which is not apt representation of who that person is today.

So seeing a user’s video and actually hearing his or her voice is, is the best in terms of figuring out or finding your match or snatch.  Snatchable makes every single moment count. It is more than a dating app and perfect video dating platform/app which strongly aims to put an end to cat fishing with the use of video profiles.

They are like a fusion of the familiar dating and social media apps on the app store. It’s a dating app with swipe right and left feature, Video user profiles and more. They are the best video dating app to meet new people nearby and worldwide.

Simple Set up

  • Swipe left or right to look for potential snatches or matches.
  • Send a first message to your match – if they reply, you’ve made a connection

Why to choose Snatchable?

  • Create a standout video profile, find your match (snatch), meet new friends or get into a relationship
  • Swipe right/left and find your match by checking the user’s profile video.
  • Snatchable is for meeting real people, casual dating, serious relationships, or simply just have fun

Important Features of Snatchable

Video Profiles

Snatchable is the first of a new generation of dating applications using short videos to show users instead of images. This permits you to see a little of the personality, and all the angles that images can hide.


If you like to stand out with someone you are really into? Then send them a Supersnatch and they can even send different animations which fit your mood.

This app is safe, secured, and stress-free environment for people to enjoy their video dating platform. Snatchable is a multi-functional mobile app, user-friendly that is oriented on a niche dating and is qualitatively developed for users.


I was excited for the release of Snatchable, and while the app itself is qualitative, I feel like the overall experience is superlative. As much as I like the delightful next generation of dating, it gets appreciated from all corners of global users.