Flapperapp is a complete and comprehensive solution that turns flying private into a mainstream travel option. As the first on-demand private aviation company in Latin America, it boasts a network of more than 450 private jets and helicopters, allowing you to easily hire a private aircraft within minutes.

What’s good?

Flapper offers two types of services. At one hand, the company runs its own scheduled operations, offering shared flights on routes unavailable to commercial aviation, with fixed prices and a guaranteed departure. The service can be booked and paid through the app, with numerous payment options and email reservation sent immediately upon confirmation.

On-demand charter constitutes another interesting (but pricey) option.More than 200 different types of jets, turbo-props, and helicopters are available for rent, with real-time price estimates. The company has built its proprietary inventory, which also means that every aircraft passes through safety-vetting before getting registered on the platform.

Last, but not least, users can also benefit from Flapper Specials, i.e. last-minute empty leg offers at the price tag of up to 60% lower than the market place. Such deals usually take place when the aircraft requires a repositioning or a customer has purchased a one-way flight (hence the term ‘empty leg’ or ‘dead leg’).

Features at your finger tips

  • Real-time price estimate for450 plus aircraft available at the platform
  • Shortcuts to weekend getaways and popular business destinations curated by Flapper’s team.
  • Mobile payments
  • Shared flights – by the seat deals on air taxi aircraft
  • User profile, with flights history.

Things to know

  • Need 15 to 60 minutes to confirm the availability of the aircraft.
  • Flapper works exclusively with FAA- or ANAC-certified air taxi operators. All aircraft passes through safety inspection
  • No need to check in before the flight. The team sends a reservation and the customer’s data is forwarded to the air carrier for mandatory insurance and registration with the national aviation authorities.
  • The email reservation contains all the details of the exact time and the place of departure.
  • Speaking of safety (again), the crew, including pilots, will administer the first aid or emergency action plan in case if anyone underwent ill health.
  • Just before the flight, you can inform your City Manager about taking your pet on board.

As of today (August 2020), Flapper weekly flights are available on the route São Paulo Campo de Marte(SBMT) – Angra dos Reis (SDAG). More than 10 high-season routes, as well as transfers to the finest events all around Brazil complement the shared flights offer. As per the CEO, the company also intends to launch new routes São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – Belo Horizonte before the year’s end.

Final word

The Flapper app is definitely one of the top 3 players in the business aviation field nowadays. It nicely fills in the gap in business aviation offer in Latin America, while its level of innovation is alsounquestionable. Users who look for feature-loaded apps and Premium apps are going to love Flapper. You can download it on App Store or Play Store.  

Website : https://www.flyflapper.com/