While kids today learn at schools, it is not enough for them to grow as persons. What they require is overall development of their tender minds in all aspects. One of the ways to get them to interact, enjoy themselves and also learn at the same time is through the use of educational apps. What you need is not just an app, you need something that can help your kids develop life skills by engaging them. Hanna and Henri, an Android game, fulfils all of the above criteria. This educational app is indeed cute, sweet and adorable storybook for young minds.


Hanna and Henri has a story that both adults and kids will enjoy alike. In this story, Henri, a young boy has to make it to the birthday party of his best friends Hanna. Kids help him trace the path from his bedroom to the toy store, where he has to make a decision about the birthday present.

The storyline is determined by the choice of the kids. Based on the gift and the clothes chosen for the party, the story then proceeds. So, it caters to the mindset of your child personally. This kind of a development of the storyline is indeed very rare among storybook apps.

Another delightful aspect of this app is that it is completely free of ads, in-app purchases, share, tracking, links or anything that you divert your child from it. This keeps your child at the app alone by completing disallowing any scope for navigation to the outside.


Besides the fun, this app also teaches your kids a lot. It reads like all other storybook apps, helping your child improve his control over language. There are basic essential activities such as recognizing shapes, decision making, counting and more. The interaction is not limited to the words of the story alone. Even as adults, the story is very engaging and you might find yourself engrossed in it in no time.

With a narrator, the kid can better follow along the storyline of Hanna and Henri. The narrator is not only clear but very understandable too, looking from the point of view of kids. Although there is an accent, it is not prominent enough to hinder the understanding of the narration. It is available in both Swedish and English at the moment.

Your child has to help out 6-year old Henri with his everyday routine including counting money, getting dressed and the like. Kids relate well to these and learn life skills that will come in handy for a lifetime. The developers Tales and Dice AB have put in a good amount of thought into the app so that it serves as a fun, engaging and educating app for kids.

The Hanna and Henri storybook is available in Google Play Store for a reasonable amount of $2.33.  It does live up to your expectations of it, making it worth the price. There is also a free version that you can test with your child. This app is sure to soon become a favorite of your child.

Highly interactive and educating

Bad: None

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