Playing games gives us the best relaxation we need and today Mobile-based games are one of the best stress busters.

One of the best benefits of playing a mobile-based game is the convenience it offers its players. With mobile devices, you can simply whip it out of your pocket or purse and start enjoying a hassle-free, fun-filled time. In essence, one of the newly developed mobile game I recently discovered is Air Gravity which is a simple yet challenging arcade based game.

Air Gravity is a shoot them up game that prompts players to fight while being airborne and battle it out with your enemies and make sure you escape their bullets.

What makes this game so addictive!

Download and launch the ‘Air Gravity’ game on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now enter into the game and start playing. As soon as your game starts, make sure you dodge the bullets coming from the enemy planes and also maintain your aircraft in the air. Even a shot of a bullet from an enemy brings your plane down. The game also provides players with a lot of boost-ups in the form of coins which will help you increase your score. As you progress along with the game, you will find many planes of which some are escapable while some are deadly shooter planes. Your concentration skill will improve as you keep playing this game, and you will become addictive with the game.

Features of the app:

Air Gravity has many alluring features. Some of these features are listed here.

  • Entertaining
  • Improves concentration
  • Fun filled

Compatible with:

The game is compatible with types of Android devices (phone, tablets).

Developed by:

Air Gravity is an arcade based game that is developed and offered on Google Play Store by ‘Dreadnoughta’.