How many of you have watched the show “Bob The Builder”? I am expecting to see many hands raised up as it was my favourite cartoon show. Bob was really a fun guy and so were his machines. I mean they all worked together and used to help everyone. I had then thought that one day I would become a builder like him as well; though I didn’t. The reality is actually much different from what it appeared to be. Just take a short walk through a construction site and you won’t be able to identify yourself. There is dust all over the place and it doesn’t matter if you’re creating the best hotel in the city, it’s all the same before the grand opening. But I would certainly like to get back to those old days and relive the same passion with a smile on my face. So can I have my wish?


It seems like I already have my wish granted as the Android app Construction Crew has made it to the Play Store. The app has been developed by Tiltgames and is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS.


Construction Crew is the exact copy of what I had wished for. You’re into a construction business and each level poses you a different challenge of delivering a box to the right position. Actually, each situation is different and unique. You never know what’s next and you cannot predict it. That’s why this game is very interesting. There are in total 12 different vehicles that you’ll operate but what keeps you engaged over all the 45+ levels is the arrangement and structure of the game. When the situation first reveals itself to you, it doesn’t just seem like a trick but more like a logical reasoning for every element to fit in at the right place. Lots of props have been used to keep the game challenging for you. If you get it, you proceed to the next level or you can keep scratching your head.

The graphics of the game will keep alive your thirst for more and more. They’re just amazing for a construction game. The set up, the different vehicles, the props and the whole visual scenery is just stunning. There are three different worlds and they’re all beautiful and lively. You cannot get a better site for a construction work. The animations are smooth and the movements seem pretty real. Moreover, the controls have been kept very simple. So the platform is all set for fun!


Overall, this is one of the best time-pass games you’ll find in the store. You and your kids will love it. In fact, it’s for everybody no matter what age group you belong to. So don’t miss this one. It’s worth your time and money. But wait, it’s for free and if time is money, you’ve got to have it now!

Pros: intuitive UI; stunning visuals; smooth animations; challenging gameplay; 12 different vehicles; 45+ levels; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App

You can Download iOS Version Here.