Suppose you’re part of an expedition and you’re travelling on an aeroplane to a new place for your research purposes. But suddenly, your plane crashes and all of you end up on a mysterious island that you’ve never heard of and are unaware of completely. The bigger problem is that all of your friends are lost and separated from each other. The build up is enough to gather your attention and this was the story of Lost Island HD, an iOS app that has been very successful in the market. Now the developers have taken out a new app to back it up by the name Lost Chapters HD. The young expeditioners will be finding the hidden treasures and solving mysteries in their unexpected journey. So if you’re ready to be a part of it, let’s start.


Lost Chapters HD has been developed by Crazy Bit. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or any later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

The journey starts by digging the mysterious land in portions of square feet. Each square feet of land has some hidden treasure for you which can be a tool for to help you for mining out the gold or a new challenge. You are working on the land of others and therefore you must have their permission. They have no problem with you working there until and unless you help them fight against the monsters which keep horrifying them from time to time and damaging their property.

An expedition is never complete without a proper laboratory where you can research on your findings and create new products for your own benefits. On this island, you have a laboratory but you have to work hard to buy new tools for your lab. You will have to complete tasks or you can ask your friends on Facebook to join this game and get reward points. Another option is to buy them from the shop via in-app purchases. You need gems to buy a new item and these gems can be bought for as low as $1.99 up to $24.99, as per your requirements.


There’s a constant fight for food and water and the more you work, the more you get. There are a lot of things going on the screen and you have to guide three players. The background music is awesome and makes you feel as if the place is ‘happening’. The game is dynamic in nature and that’s what excites me the most.

Though the app is available for free in the App Store, it’s almost impossible for you to proceed forward without spending some real cash. However, if you have a good social circle, you may expect yourself to win enough rewards to get you through.

Pros: decent graphics; intuitive UI; dynamic; amazing background sounds; free social rewards; free.

Cons: difficult to get through without buying in-app purchases.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App