While smart phones are the in thing today, there are still some tasks that we would prefer to use our PCs for. Major among these is handling and dealing with files. If you wish to use your phone with as much utility and versatility as your phone, you will need a good file management solution that comes with a host of features. File Expert with Clouds- an Android app- gives you exactly that. In addition, it comes with cloud storage too!


Connecting your PC to your Android device and vice versa is a basic necessity in order to keep everything consistent. File Expert with Clouds has been developed keeping this in mind. With this app on your phone, you can open everything that you would otherwise use your PC for right from the comfort of your phone. The main idea is to simplify file access on your Android device- be it a smart phone, Tablet or anything else. This one is the ultimate and an extremely handy file management utility.


With this app, connecting to your PC is easier than ever. You can connect via Wi-Fi, using NFC or over Bluetooth. There are also options to access FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers if need be. Using the app, you can use your very own phone as a file server and store all you need on it. This is implemented with the help of the inbuilt cloud service called Gcloud. This is available for free with the app. With such seamless connectivity, you can be assured of quick and easy access of your content, irrespective of the type of device being used.

All of these files stored on the cloud can be easily accessed through your PC too. All you need it a web-based file browser. You can browse files of all types- compressed files, APK files, music, photos, videos and plug-ins. Files are automatically sorted according to size on the homepage of the app. this makes the process of file browsing easier than ever. You can also group file together by tagging them using relevant tags of your choice. This makes the process of finding the files you require easier and less time consuming.


Having easy access to all the files you need at all times, irrespective of the place or time is something that is almost necessary for work. The simplest way to accomplish this is using the cloud. This is why File Expert with Clouds comes with integrated cloud service for all users. You can also access other popular cloud services such as SkyDrive, Box.net, Dropbox, Google Drive, Ubuntu One, etc.

Besides file access, the app allows you to edit and work with files. It allows a variety of functions including Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Hide, Send, Create, Sort, Favorites, Shortcuts and Details. Batch operations are allows by the app, enhancing the overall productivity and saving your precious time. With the help of File Expert with Clouds, file management on Android is simpler than ever. The added cloud support makes the app one you must download.

Good: Integrated cloud services

Bad: None

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